Chelsea Tadeyeske is a poet, performer, and bookmaker from Milwaukee, WI. She is the founding editor of pitymilk press, publishing short-run chapbooks and journals both online and in physical form.

Her work sits in the the intersections of shame, trauma, and desire that are rooted in femininity trying to pin down the destructive reverberations of societal expectations and affectations. She has released many chapbooks including her most notable recent works, if you bend it backwards nothing really happens (Rabbit Catastrophe, 2016) and short story collection Princess Diana (bathmatics, 2019). By tracing comedic edges around uncomfortable and private tragic experiences both on the page and in performance, Chelsea teases out the feels and makes a soft weapon of vulnerability.

Her work can be found online at Pretty Owl Poetry, Delirious Hem, Smoking Glue Gun, and Leopardskin & Limes, among others.

She is a Virgo sun/Libra rising/Aquarius moon born in the year of the snake.

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